Introduction of Oita Paper Products Co., LTD. Factory

Various kinds of waste paper materials

Oita Paper Products Co., LTD. not only uses high quality waste paper, but also successfully recycles various kinds of waste paper including used tickets, broken paper monery( bank note), which are hard to processs, to use as resources again. Japanese paper money is highly water resistant and is difficult to be dissolved in the water itself. Also, because of the shattering process when wasting the bank notes, the fiber is too short to use as the resource.The result of the research and development is that after repeated twisting, the small pieces of paper money can be successfully reused as resources again. For tickets, the major problem of recycling is how to remove the magnetic ink on the back. On account of regeneration technology of Oita Paper Products Co., LTD, the garbage that used to be incineration disposed can be used as a high quality resources again. Oita Paper Products Co., LTD, as the leading enterprise of recycing waste paper, will keep on challenging in the future.


The process of becoming soft and white

Oita Paper Products Co., LTD. never overuses bleacher to produce recycle toilet paper. Through processing in the device with capable deinking ability and repeatedly washing in the water, the ink can be absorbed on the surface of the bubble and be removed later. Not only in normal process, but also in the sterilization process, Oita Paper Products Co., LTD. only uses hydrogen peroxide to resolve water and oxygen. Oita Paper Products Co., LTD never uses chlorine bleach, which generates large amount of waste and fluorescent paint.


Relieved quality management

Oita Paper Products Co., LTD. prints date and time on every toilet paper packs, which are send to the market. In case of unqualified productions, Oita Paper Products Co., LTD. can clearly find the whole production process to determine the reason. Therefore, Oita Paper Products Co., LTD. is making efforts on maintaining and improving the quality of the productions. With the essential of accumulating experience and technology from the year of 1918, Oita Paper Products Co., LTD. has been producing high quality and relieved paper productions by the most cutting-edge analysis devices and paper quality evaluation devices.


Trustworthy confidentiality

Oita Paper Products Co., LTD. has trustworthy confidentiality of recycling waste paper materials. As a result, Oita Paper Products Co., LTD. has received many orders from banks, government agencies or enterprises to regenerate their confidential files. The recycle system for confidential files of Oita Paper Products Co., LTD. includes collection, dissolution and regeneration under the situation of conplete secure. As soon as the confidential files be collected, the dissolution process will be conducted directly in the unopened situation. After the dissolution process, the certification of dissolution will be published. Any relevant information about the dissolution recycle of confidential files, please contact Kyushu Paper Co., LTD. Kitakyushu Factory (TEL 093-663-7771).


The domestic top-class production

The toilet paper production of Oita Paper Products Co., LTD. is first-class in domestic. Including major corporations, the domestic market share of Oita Paper Products Co., LTD. is 7%,, while the kyushu market share is far ahead, even exceeds 60%.


The introdution of factory tour.

Welcome to the factory with advanced environmental management system. Visitors can be consumesr or PTA, school relevant personnel, administrative departments, enterprises and so on.The number of visitors reaches about 5000 people one year.