Where can I buy the paper productions of Oita Paper Products Company?

We will reply to you after the investigation.
Please contact us with E-mail or telephone according to the following content.

1)The name of the productions that you want to buy
2)Region of residence
3)Contact information (E-mail, telephone numbers, etc.)

Please contact: E-mail info@oita-seishi.com TEL 097-534-7777

Also, some of the productions can be directly bought from internet.Online shop

Online Shop

Can we take a tour of the factory?

if you want to visit, please contact the following factories respectively.

Buzen Factory (Buzen Fukuoka) TEL: 0979-83-83-2101
Kyushu Paper Co., LTD. Kitakyushu Factory (Kitakyushu Fukuoka) :TEL 093-663-7771

※The number of visitors should be more than 10.

If the print pattern appeares on the underside of the double layer paper, or the dotted lines are not aligned, can I you make it like it used to be?

In either case, as shown in the graph, turn back the upside of the double layer paper a circle and it will be like what it used to be.

Is the reason that toilet paper attracts ants is beacause of its ingredients?

Normally, the paper itself does not have any ingredients to attract ants.
"Ochetellus", which likes to live in the narrow gap between the barks, is widely distributed in the west of Japan as the center area. The pulp derived from trees is used to construct level.
The phenomenon that the place for storing the toilet paper or tissue paper is easy to attract ants is comfired to be normal.
The recommended measurement of preventing the ant are wiping path of ants with wet cloth, or changing the place for storing the toilet paper.