Với phương châm “Vì một trái đất xanh cho thế hệ tương lai”, Công ty cổ phần sản xuất giấy Oita luôn nỗ lực hết mình cho công cuộc tái chế tài nguyên và bảo vệ môi trường.

Mục tiêu “không rác thải”

The waste includes the staples or other usesless things removed from waste paper materials and residues that cannot be used in recycling process.These waste is now provided as resources for cement and renewable fuel to other industries. In the case of waste water emitted in washing process, it is now discharged into the sea after processing in the wastewater treatment plant.


Vận tải xanh

Comparing to the normal toilet paper, the length of the coreless toilet paper is 2 times longer.Therefore, in the situation of same length, 2 volumns of normal toilet paper equals 1 corelss toilet paper. This can not only save the storage space for households, offices and etc., but also can save the half space for transportation. As a result, the energy comsuption and the gas emissions in transpotation process can be reduced by half. The production of CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN SẢN XUẤT GIẤY OITA is suitable for eco transportation.


Đạt chứng nhận quản lý môi trường

CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN SẢN XUẤT GIẤY OITA makes its input and output of production very clearly in order to make efforts to reduce environmental load.


Khuyến khích tái chế giấy tại địa phương

CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN SẢN XUẤT GIẤY OITA is now carrrying the activity that exchage waste paper collected by packer cars from from companies, schools, public halls, householders and etc. with toilet paper. This activity can help to promote the effective utilization of resources (reduce waste emissions), to protect forest resources, to reduce the emissions of carbonic acid gas and contribute to protecting the environment. In addition, as the waste paper is returned by the form of toilet paper, this activity can help to establish the local paper recycling-based society.


Giảm thiểu gánh nặng môi trường

CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN SẢN XUẤT GIẤY OITA has began to pay attention on preventing pollutions and finding solutions much earlier than the other intertype companies. When establishing the head office, Buzen Factory, which is located in the centre of Oita City near Buzen Sea, the surrounding environment was fully considered. In order to deal with drainage, noise and stench, instead of full utilization, Oita Paper Products Co., LTD lower the compared to the maximum load of the devices. All these careful and thoughtful construction methods have successfully won the high evaluation from local residents.


Chính sách môi trường

By propelling the waste paper recycling, CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN SẢN XUẤT GIẤY OITA makes big contributions to society from protecting forest resources, reducing the urban garbage, and saving the energy consumption. The prime management is to document the environmental policy, implement, maintain and modify once a year and be suitable to many people . Also, all of the staff should be educated according to the environmental policy. At the same time, with strictly obeying the laws and other requirements related to the environmental management and prevent pollutions as much as possible during activities, it is also important to set environmental aims and goals and check and improve the environmental works a regularly.